006 MPSOS – Real Life Case Study with Josh Levitt

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This is a Real Life Case Study with Josh Levitt of LevittCoaching.com.  Josh is a Dave Ramsey Trained Financial Coach who offers “Winning game plans for financial freedom”.  He is our guest coach on this episode where we discuss the financial challenges of a couple who wants to change their financial life.

In this episode we talk about married couples sharing checking accounts, using the envelope system, and does it make sense to sell the house?

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5 Comments on 006 MPSOS – Real Life Case Study with Josh Levitt

  1. I’m about 14 mins in and I SCREAMING income crisis! $16K doesn’t work! Break it down to $1333/mo w/ an $800+ mortgage. TWO children? Sounds like he makes three.

    • Awww, be nice. The husband has entertained the idea of a 2nd job while he continues to get more gigs. But you are correct that their biggest challenge is the income side. Thanks Scott!

  2. Good info and great show Steve – I love the ‘envelope’ method; whether you do it literally or virtually, it’s a great process to shoot for! I’ve never been able to make it work in real life though …. something always seems to come up 🙂

    • Well, you and your lovely wife are just going to have to give me a call sometime so we can get it to work for YOU. You know my number and know I can help.

      PS – Thanks for podcast topic, I’m going to try and work it into either Episode 007 or 008.

  3. Thanks for inviting me on, Steve. Great show and always a joy to talk with you.

    Thanks for the comments as well, Scott and Michael. Definitely an income issue here but there are some basic steps to getting the money habits in order as that income starts to come up as well.

    Michael – a note on the virtual envelopes. I use a service called Mvelopes. Absolutely love it.

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