Businesses offer more savings by asking Debit or Credit – MPSOS173

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Moneyplan SOS podcast interview with Clint Woodman Food Market

Clint Woodman is Vice President of Woodman’s Food Market. He operates 15 stores in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, employs more than 3,400 people, and his family has been growing the company for more than 50 years. See Woodman’s 90-year timeline  The typical Woodman’s store is about 250,000 square feet - larger than a Super Walmart. Oh, and they are a debt-free, employee-owned company. The key to their success? Woodman’s Food Market do two things to keep their operating expenses as low as … [Read more...]

My most notable appearances 2014

Plutus Award Finalist logo 2014

If you are a new Debt Freedom Fighter - welcome! However, even those who have been around for a while may not know the entire Steve Stewart story. I don't share too much about my personal life, this site is not about me. However, 2014 has provided me a number of opportunities to be a guest on some prominent blogs and podcasts, not to mention winning the Plutus Award for Best Debt Focused Blog. Below are some of my more noteworthy appearances from 2014.   I had the pleasure … [Read more...]

Basics Of Retirement Webinar

Want to understand investing and saving for retirement? Coach Scott Maderer joined me for a long discussion about saving money, investing for retirement, and ways to save on taxes. Enjoy! Thanks for watching. Leave any comments or your question below. … [Read more...]

Year-end Tax Tips: Conversation with John Beidel – MPSOS172

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Conversation with Enrolled Agent John Beidel

John Beidel is an Enrolled Agent and has been helping people with their income taxes since 2008. Today he sits down with me to 15 Year End Tax Moves To Lower Your Tax Bill, and article from Summary of the tips: Accelerate income Defer income Accelerate or defer expenses Note: Dozens of provisions are set to expire but could be extended. You can find out more about John at Also in this episode Holla from the Impala - "Doing … [Read more...]

2015 Retirement contribution and income limits and the Debtor’s Anonymous Quiz – MPSOS171

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Mockup of Black Friday Loan Sale

The IRS has released updated retirement contribution limits and income phase-outs: 2015 Contribution Limits for 401(k), 403(b), and most 457 plans Your pre-tax contribution is capped at $18,000 in 2015. Those who are 50 years or older can increase the number by $6,000 (catch-up contribution). 2015 Contribution Limits for traditional IRA The average American does not have as much opportunity to save outside of an employer sponsored plan. Singles making $61,000 a year can save the full amount, … [Read more...]

Ways To Curb An Addiction To Shopping – MPSOS170

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Ways To Curb An Addiction To Shopping Ep170

Patti, a concerned listener, doesn't have a lot of debt but is concerned about her dwindling savings. It appears that she has made 80 purchase on Amazon in the past six months and her rainy-day fund is dwindling to pay her monthly Visa bill. Once discovering this hole in her budget she deleted her Visa number from Amazon, creating an extra hurdle to spending money. This allows her to think twice before clicking once with "One Click". She has also cut up her credit cards and will be using … [Read more...]

Getting Credit Advice from a Journalist – who do you listen to?

credit card journalist

Gah! I’m listening to a blogger with a BA in journalism talk about how to improve your credit score. The general advice was “get more than one credit card, use them, but don’t use them too much.” Excuse the rudeness here but why are we listening to the advice of a journalism grad with no training in the industry except that of her own personal experiences? On the other hand, why are you listening to me? My education comes from working in retail, as an internal auditor for large companies, … [Read more...]

Financial rules, Frugal decisions, and a Henry Rollins debt free story – MPSOS169

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Financial Rules

Ignore these financial rules at your own risk: Live beneath your means Do something smart with the difference Have health insurance Don’t waste time building a credit score Shop for health insurance at Listen to an interview with Medi-Share  Watch my position on credit scores in a 5 minute YouTube video Henry Rollins tells a debt free story I have a new favorite show. It features punk rocker Henry Rollins. In the episode titled “10 things you don’t know … [Read more...]

Looking back at 30 years of purposeful purchases – MPSOS168

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Interview with John Pugliano

Special guest, John Pugliano, shares his experiences of spending with purpose for more than 30 years. He and his wife made purposeful purchases in order to afford the things they needed to raise their young family and accomplish his goal of retiring early. "One of the key decisions I made in my life that allows me to be financially independent was buying an old ugly station wagon instead of a new suburban. "I hated that car.  It was blue and had fake wood panel on the sides. I would park it … [Read more...]

Debt Depression: Should I be ashamed of my debt?

ashamed of debt

As a financial coach, I hear from wives afraid to talk to their husbands about a credit card they racked up. Those who can’t pay the minimums feel guilty because they have broken a contract with their creditors. Christians feel like they are cheating God because “I have too much debt to tithe”. Are these valid feelings? Should you be ashamed of your debt? Debt depression Our culture has made it taboo to speak about personal finances in a meaningful way. If we share our net worth then we are … [Read more...]