The Inconsistency of a Little Wisconsin Church Service

Inconsistency of a Little Wisconsin Church

Feel free to ignore this post. It has nothing to do with finances.  For the few years we have spent time with friends over Labor Day Weekend. For the past two years I have been troubled by the inequality of how I can practice my beliefs in their church. Similarity of our churches Their religious branch isn't much different than ours: We all consider ourselves Christians We pray to … [Read more...]

Squirrel Away Your Change With Acorns App – MPSOS161

The Acorns App

What if you could invest your loose change at the end of the day? Now you can with Acorns. Acorns is an app taking advantage of new technologies and less expensive investment fees to allow anyone to start investing without a minimum balance or complicated application process. Interview with Acorns founders Walter and Jeffrey Cruttenden share the incredible technology and process behind … [Read more...]

Biggest Credit Score Myths and #ALSicebucketchallenge – MPSOS160

Biggest credit score myths

You can't turn on the TV or have a conversation with someone about money without the subject of credit scores coming up. With all that awareness you would think that everyone would have a basic understanding of how credit works. Unfortunately, there is a lot of miss-information being spread around, creating credit score myths. There are many myths surrounding the credit score; believing … [Read more...]

Steps to buying a cash car with James Kinson – MPSOS159

buying a cash car with james kinson

After learning how much car payments was hurting his family's finances, James Kinson became a Cash Car Convert. So what, you ask? Why is he such an expert in kicking auto debt to the curb? He's purchased more than 20 used cars - that's why. He started a blog and podcast at and shares information about getting your car ready to sell, what to look for in a used vehicle, and … [Read more...]

What happens when my debit card is stolen – MPSOS158

MPSOS158 250x250 image

It is inevitable: Your debit card will be compromised some day. What happens when my debit card is stolen? Money will be taken out of your account Your bank may call you or you must call your bank when you find out The Zero Liability Policy will kick in The money will be returned to your account in short order Any insufficient fund charges will be removed by your bank You will be … [Read more...]

Can you really get by without credit

If you are seeing this

Can you really get by without debt? Would you want to? This was the question posed to me by the Money Mastermind Roundtable on July 10, 2014. I absolutely believe you can get by without credit - and it doesn't really matter if you want to or not. See the bottom of this post for a replay of the show and my thoughts on this topic. I pulled my credit score (really) In preparation for the Money … [Read more...]

Debt Freedom helped John Lee Dumas launch Enterpreneur On Fire

How John Lee Dumas makes money

How do successful people spend money? I’ve interviewed a few young men who are influential in the online community about how they handle money: Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Dustin Hartzler from, and now John Lee Dumas. Previously released interviews with successful people: Watch this video to see Pat Flynn’s answers Watch this video … [Read more...]

PerkStreet issues checks to ex-customers of closed Perks program

PerkStreet issues Perks checks

Keep an eye on your mail this week. You may receive a plain white envelope from Wilmington, DE with some money you thought you had lost. PerkStreet is issuing checks to ex-customers of their closed Perks program. Flashback: August 12, 2013 PerkStreet, a subsidiary of Bankcorp Bank, left many customers wondering what happened when they announced that they would be closing their doors in September … [Read more...]

This video made me mad: $20,000 of donuts for a vacation in Miami

Are you really that gullible? Of course not, but they think you are! Credit card companies are certainly welcome to advertise their products, I don't have a problem with that. However, this commercial puts a big HUGE spotlight on their little rewards program without explaining what you are really getting: Debt. It's so misleading that it made me really mad and I needed to do something. … [Read more...]

How To Have A Great Vacation Without A Credit Card – MPSOS156

Vacation without a credit card

You don't need a credit card to travel. Our culture, and the credit card industry, says that you need a credit card to have a great vacation. I am here as a living testimony that you can travel - and save money - by using a Debit card, cash, and good old-fashioned paper checks. We just returned from a GREAT vacation without using a single credit card. I have also found some ways to save money … [Read more...]