What People Learned About Money By Blogging About Money – MPSOS200

September 23, 2015 Steve Stewart 6
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The problem with our country's financial illiteracy isn't due to a lack of resources - just look at the long list of financial bloggers who attended the recent Financial Blogger Conference in Charlotte. The problem is we don't seek the education ourselves until the problem has become big enough that we HAVE to learn. I began blogging…

Chris Brown from True Stewardship – Is Tithing Mandatory for Christians? – MPSOS199

September 3, 2015 Steve Stewart 0
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Is tithing mandatory for Christians? Chris Brown and I discuss this to get to the root of the problem - which has little to do with ten percent. Chris Brown has been a pastor for several years, speaking to congregations and audiences all over the United States. He recently became one of Dave Ramsey's Speakers…

8 Great Mistakes of Investing and Fractional Savings Accounts – MPSOS198

August 28, 2015 Steve Stewart 0
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OG (aka The Other Guy from Stacking Benjamins) joins me to share the 8 Great Mistakes in Investing. Under-diversification  Over-diversification  Euphoria  Panic  Leverage  Speculating  Investing for yield and not total return  Cost basis dictating decision  Thanks to OG for coming over. You can find him at http://StackingBenjamins.com - my favorite podcast. Also mentioned in this…

Matt Ham has Redefined Rich – MPSOS197

August 24, 2015 Steve Stewart 0
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Matt Ham is an author, speaker, and small business owner. Five words uttered by a nurse changed the way he looks at life - and inspired him to redefine rich. Takeaways from this interview: It’s not how much you give - it’s how you give it (The Widow’s Mite) We shouldn't feel guilty to spend…

The Ins and Outs of Robo-Investing – Interview with Betterment’s Jon Stein – MPSOS196

August 13, 2015 Steve Stewart 2
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The Ins and Outs of Robo-Investing Today I am joined by Jon Stein: Husband, father, and founder of Betterment. He studied neurogenesis at Harvard, consulted for First Manhattan Consulting Group for a number of years before founding a game-changing company called Betterment, a wealth management company that uses a small list of ETF funds to help individuals…

Less Tax, More Money In Your Paycheck – MPSOS195

August 6, 2015 Steve Stewart 2
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Do you know why stories of people with $.32 refund checks are in the news? Because they are so rare! Most people want to get a big tax refund. Big tax refunds aren't always a good idea Begin playback at Getting a huge refund is an extremely inefficient use of money - both for you…

Ace says Skip the Startups and Buy a Business – MPSOS194

July 31, 2015 Steve Stewart 0
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Ace Chapman is a business owner, but not in the traditional sense. He buys business with the intent of selling them. Although he has an entrepreneur’s heart, Ace doesn't believe anybody should start their own business. It is much easier and profitable to buy an existing business, improve it, and sell it for a profit.…

What You Need To Know About Self-Directed IRAs – MPSOS193

July 23, 2015 Steve Stewart 4
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Many people are being lured by the attractiveness of directing their own retirement plans. The trick is to do it right and have an asset, business, or income-producing entity that makes sense for YOUR retirement planning. Today we talk about what you need to know about self-directed IRAs   Interview with Kirk Chisholm Many people…

Splaving, and Do Employers Check Credit Scores? Interview with Kai Yaniz – MPSOS192

July 16, 2015 Steve Stewart 0
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Interview with Kai Yaniz Kai and I have something in common: We both left the comfort of a regular paycheck to focus on helping others with their personal finances. In our conversation we discuss: Why Americans allow themselves to become trapped in debt How much responsibility do we place on the education system to teach…

8 Summer Jobs for Teachers and Destination Debt Freedom – MPSOS191

July 9, 2015 Steve Stewart 0
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In this episode we talk about summer jobs for teachers, a new online accountability course called Destination Debt Freedom, and the Top 10 Financial Oxymorons.   8 Summer Jobs for Teachers  Summer is a great time for teachers to take a break. It also gives them a chance to earn extra income to  have some fun…

Inflation Induced Debt Destruction with Jason Hartman – MPSOS190

July 2, 2015 Steve Stewart 1
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Jason Hartman only wants mortgage debt - and he will take out as much as he possibly can. He has been investing since he was 20 years old and learned how inflation is the enemy of home equity but the golden goose of real estate income property owners (my words, not his). We first have to…

Which Half-Glass Investor Are You? – MPSOS189

June 25, 2015 Steve Stewart 0
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Are you a half-glass opportunistic investor? Take this short quiz to find out and how you can improve your ability to invest wisely. In this episode: • Pessimists, Opportunists, and the Half-Glass Investor Quiz (print here) • How a GOOD credit score is all you need • Ponda from the Honda Full notes at http://SteveStewart.me/189…
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