Interview with Rachel Cruze, author of Smart Money Smart Kids

Interview with Dave Ramsey's Daughter Rachel Cruze Smart Money Smart Kids

Interview with Rachel Cruze, author of Smart Money Smart Kids Rachel Cruze is a speaker, debt-free evangelist, part-time co-host of the Dave Ramsey show, known for being the inspiration behind the book “Careless at the Carnival”, and is soon to be a NYTimes best selling author for a book to be released on April 22, 2014 - Smart Money Smart Kids. I'M GIVING A COPY OF THE BOOK AWAY TO A LUCKY … [Read more...]

From Blown Engine to Creating Independence – MPSOS151

Kraig Mathias Creating Independence

Kraig Mathias was a young professional with a decent job. He convinced a friend and his brother to take a road trip from Minnesota to California in his 8 year old Pontiac. What he came back with was a story to tell - and $20,000 in auto debt! If Kraig hadn't made that trip, if the engine hadn't blown on his 1999 Grand Prix, we wouldn't be talking about this today. His story isn't spectacular - … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

April Fools Day Podcast

Never has the show brought on more guests, more topics, and more laughs in the show. There were so many people on this show that there wasn't enough room for Steve. What you will get from this show Pirates take over the show. Arggggggghh Average Joe Money and OG talk about Forbes Billionaire List Helicopter parents crash kids' job interviews The Roundtable talks about Groupon and Living … [Read more...]

Lies We Tell Ourselves To Keep Our Credit Cards

Lies we tell ourselves to keep our credit cards

People love their credit cards. Why? They aren’t valuable, can’t be traded or sold, and cost people money and often their freedom. I’ve been separated from my credit cards for over seven years and can tell you that I don’t miss them a bit. Now that I’m coaching people through their debt problems I get to hear all the same lies I used to say that justified my reason for keeping the plastic … [Read more...]

Habits of the Rich: Interview with Tom Corley

Rich Habits Interview with Tom Corley

Interview with Tom Corley Tom Corley, author of Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals joins me for a discussion about the habits of the rich. In this interview with Tom Corley we also learn the 4 things that can make you un-fireable. Last year I read “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals”. I found it to be a very entertaining and enlightening … [Read more...]

Are you smarter than a Millennial – MPSOS147

Are you smarter than a Millennial

A FINRA study reveals only 18% of millennials are able to correctly answer 4 out of 5 questions about finance. Are you smarter than a Millennial? Take the quiz with me to find out. Listen to the podcast for answers. Links mentioned in the show: FINRA news release: Study Finds Millennials Struggle Financially Take the quiz yourself by following this link: … [Read more...]

How to get a free credit report in under 4 minutes!

How to get your free credit report copy

In this video I show you how to get a free credit report in under 4 minutes. I also show you how to get a free credit report every 4 months for free. We need to check our credit reports once every year. is the only website authorized by Federal Law to get you a free credit report. Many of the other sites use free credit reports as a way to … [Read more...]

Redefining Retirement: Interview with Mitch Anthony, author of The New Retirementality – MPSOS146

MPSOS146 250x250

Interview with Mitch Anthony; a sought-after financial services consultant, popular speaker, and host of "The Daily Dose" radio program. His RetireMentors column appears regularly on CBS and he has been quoted numerous times in The Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and The New York Times. Mitch Anthony joins me in a discussion about redefining retirement. His … [Read more...]

Interview with Pat Flynn: How do successful people spend money (and a Blogger-themed WipeOut?)

Pat Flynn Blogger-themed WipeOut

How do successful people spend money? I interviewed Pat Flynn, a successful blogger and awesome podcaster at, during the Financial Blogger Conference. He shares with us his first financial experience as an adult, his 5 year goals, and if he would enter a Blogger-themed edition of Wipeout. What was the first financial experience that made you … [Read more...]

Five Ways To Reduce Financial Stress – MPSOS145

Ways to reduce financial stress

Money can cause us to experience a large number of unnecessary anxieties. A number of things can help alleviate a majority of worries when it comes to money and finances. Here are five ways to reduce financial stress that would make anyone feel more powerful, confident, and in control: Have $5,000 in the bank What kind of worries would disappear knowing that you had $5K stashed in the bank? You … [Read more...]